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Enhancing and enriching the lives of individuals with special needs in Recreation, Leisure, and Sport


We aim to assist in satisfying a variety of needs within the special needs community in relation to Recreation.  Through years of work in Recreation Therapy, we have recognize that the need for affordable recreation programming is essential in accessibility to all individuals with special needs.  We strive to provide quarterly scholarships to assist individuals with special needs access a variety of recreation programming in Northeast Ohio. 

We have also identified the need for family recreation programming, in which all family members, with and without special needs can participate in recreation programming together.  Often times, families are divided in their recreation involvement, limiting memories and experiences that they engage in together.  We provide parties, events, and activities that work to bring the family together and build lasting memories in recreation for a lifetime. 

Our third initiative is to provide access to recreation programs in the area for people with special needs.  Recreation involvement for people with special needs has to be  something that the individual chooses and enjoys to be successful and assist in development a long lasting leisure lifestyle.  We partner with area recreation providers to showcase the services they offer in our Try it Saturday programs.  This provides an opportunity for individuals with special needs to try an area program and see if it is a good fit for them without registering for a full program.  Individuals can then decide after the program if they would like to enroll or continue to  explore another recreation outlet.  Self determinination and initiation is essential to maintain a healthy leisure lifestyle.  With this program we promote access, adaptation, and education for people with special needs to what is available within their community.

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